it’s my bag, baby*

(*please, someone tell me they get the movie referenced in the title of this post)

I always enjoy finding out what people shoot with, so I thought I’d open up my bag and show you what’s inside.

For starters, my bag is a Tenba in Platinum. It’s the, um, third or fourth-ish bag I’ve had and I think it suits me (for now). My favorite thing about it is that it has a hidden zipper on the top of the bag for quick access so that you don’t have to unbuckle and un-Velcro the flap.  Genius!!

I’ve had a lot of cameras over the years, but I am currently shooting with my second DSLR, a Nikon D7000.  I am in love with this camera in ways that might possibly border on criminal.

Having sold my D40 and the kit lenses that came with it, and having ordered the D7000 body only, the first lens I bought for this camera was the Nikkor 35mm/1.8, and it is still my most-used lens.  It’s the lens I pop on when I will be out all day and don’t feel like carrying around a bag.  It’s my smallest and least expensive lens, but it’s my favorite and I’d be totally lost without it.

My second favorite lens is my Nikkor 85mm/1.8.  I am a sucker for a fixed lens.  With its beautiful colors and sharp images, it’s working its way towards being my #1.

My third favorite lens is a Sigma 8-16mm.  I got it as a “fun” lens, and I really don’t use it often enough.  It is a solid, heavy lens and produces gorgeous colors and has definitely sold me on considering Sigma glass in the future.

My least favorite lens, the one I thought I just HAD TO HAVE before a recent trip, is the Nikkor 70-300mm.  I have nothing against the quality of the lens – it takes great pictures and the VR is a dream – but it is so big that it has stayed at home on my last couple of adventures.  I keep it around thinking I might need it some day, but recently rupturing a disc in my back has made me want to sell it instead.

I use UV filters on my lenses for the extra protection they provide a clumsy person like me who bangs her camera against things more often than she should.  The only other filter I have is a polarizing filter that I bought specifically before a trip where I knew I would be shooting around water and in bright sunlight.  (And I’m so glad I did!)

I keep a small Joby Gorillapod in my bag, but am wanting to add a full-sized tripod to my gear.  I’ve rented them in the past for night shoots, and I can see doing more if I owned one myself.

If I were to get a flash, it would be the Nikon SB 700.  I loathe using flash, so I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon.  It’s like the stupid telephoto lens – if I got it, it would sit unused most of the time.  What a waste.

Yeah well… that’s it for now.  I hope you enjoyed the “peek” show. 😉


  1. Robin

    Enjoyed reading about your gear. The D7000 was also my favourite for a long time. I eventually got a D600 in my grubby hands, which I love because it’s full frame… But it’s not far above the D7k. I shoot with a 50mm f1.8 and also love my 85mm f1.8. I own the 70-300 too, which I hardly ever use. My favourite lens, though, is the 105mm macro, which I use for just about everything (although it is a bit heavy). I’ve learnt to use the SB910 flash, and when used well is very helpful. And then the tripod – crucial for lowlight shots. I drag it along with me wherever I can … I have a monopod too, but that’s gathering dust under my cupboard.


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