The Crime of Loving

“The crime of loving is forgetting.” ~ Maurice Chevalier I’m sure this sentiment can be taken many ways, but right now, to me, it means that I have been loving living lately and have forgotten all about my computer.  Seriously! I can’t remember the last time I opened my computer (until today) because I’ve been […]


Dumpster Fire

I am a Hot Mess.  Skip this link (but continue reading!) if you are offended by Family Guy: quote from Glen Quagmire, but it’s what I was reminded of this morning while brainstorming a name for this post. I find myself in a predicament of my own creation, with a million things on my plate.  I […]


Oxymoron or dichotomy?

I am not an angry or cynical person, ask anyone who knows me. But so far, the tone of this blog has been more negative than I had intended it to be. I am pondering why that is… I love my life! I love my family, my friends, and my home. I think the disconnect […]