I’m Officially Old

I have a couple of teenagers of my own, but I don’t feel like I’ve aged in direct proportion to the number of years they’ve been on this earth.  I feel much younger than I have a right to.

And I never imagined the day that I would be taking photos of a girl I saw being born 18 years ago.  I mean, that felt like it was only yesterday.  Probably because I don’t see her very often, in my mind she’s still the baby she once was and it was a bit heartbreaking to be slapped in the face with reality – that she is not a child, but a beautiful, smart, funny woman. I’ll admit it – I cried when I was editing these photos, but in the end I’m proud of what we came away with.  (If you’d like to see more of the collection, it can be found in my Portfolio – just click through to access it)

(this is the point during editing where I lost it)

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