The Muse


I read an article in Medium the other day and this quote from it stuck with me. The photo is of me sitting and waiting on the sunset, with my camera that hadn’t been used in months. (I didn’t know my friend snapped the pic until the next day)

I was in LA about a month ago, and one of the things I wanted to do while I was there was get some sunset pics at the beach.   I had no doubt that it would be spectacular, but waiting for it to occur took longer than I thought it would. (I had dinner reservations to make, people!)  I quickly realized that missing dinner would be a fair trade for what I was about to witness. And if I changed my perspective slightly, I would know that sunset took the exact right amount of time that it was supposed to take.

That waiting period gave me plenty of time to be alone with my thoughts; in fact, I had more uninterrupted time than I’d had in a very long time. I was able to just BE.  It was nothing short of transcendent.

Looking back, that time of reflection marked the start of an adventure – one that I knew deep down in my soul I needed to embark on for a long time, but I had just (for many reasons) not had the motivation to do.  (I may touch on those reasons at a later date, but not any time soon).

Long story short, I’m writing again.

I had no specific goal in mind when I [brushed the dust off and] opened up my laptop.  I just started a blank document and let the avalanche of things inside my mind tumble out.  Basically, I showed up for the Muse and she showed up for me.  She took me by the fingers and we worked the keyboard together.

It’s too exciting to keep it to myself.  I’m sooooo glad to be feeling like Me again.

((waves hand)) Hi! I’ve missed you!

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