Love Letter to Sedona

Sedona…you have bewitched me.


First, with your red rocks that seemingly popped up out of nowhere as we turned a corner of Hwy 179.  The drive up I-17 from Phoenix was beautiful, but nothing like seeing you in the distance.  Va-va-va-voom!

After our first meeting, I knew you were special and I was drawn to more than your just physical beauty.  I breathed better when I was surrounded by you.  I felt better when I was ensconced in you.  And your climate?  Is Just. My. Type.  Warm (not hot!) during the day with little humidity, cool in the shade, and even cooler at night.  Hubba-hubba.

I took so many pictures of you that I felt stalker-ish.  I’ll never forget the first sunset we shared.  It was magical.



After the sun dipped below the horizon, you turned colors that took my breath away.


There is a haze that settles down in your nooks and crannies and lends a softness to your landscape.


Towards the end of our first meeting, you were a bit of diva, insisting the spotlight be turned on you.

_NLG3533I didn’t mind at all.  You deserve it.


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