The Crime of Loving

“The crime of loving is forgetting.” ~ Maurice Chevalier

I’m sure this sentiment can be taken many ways, but right now, to me, it means that I have been loving living lately and have forgotten all about my computer.  Seriously! I can’t remember the last time I opened my computer (until today) because I’ve been heavily involved in living my real (read: not cyber-) life.

It’s a strange longing, to be missing my blog.  Stranger even to forget the password to this world that at one point in life, was my favorite place to be.

I have not forgotten on purpose, as if I no longer enjoyed it and wanted to abstain.  Rather, it was a forgetting that comes with shifted priorities for a season in life.  As seasons change with time, so does life.

All this to say… I’m back, baby!  I don’t have anything wonderful to share – no resolutions for the new year, no life-changing happenings.  With the holidays behind me, I am looking forward to simply living without added impositions.  I find myself looking forward to my mundane life in such a way that feels new and exciting in itself.  How’s that for an oxymoron?

See you soon, my WP friends!  I’ve missed you!


    1. Nikki

      You are soooo right! I have been off of twitter for as long and at one time I considered myself obsessed! It’s funny how you think you “can’t live” without something when in reality, it’s relatively easy to! I’ve also been without my camera for weeks now, too, but the thing I’ve noticed about that is that every single day, I have felt a hole in my heart for the wont of shooting…Sigh…
      I am looking forward to better days ahead!!


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