PNW Part 11 (Hoh Rain Forest)

The only other rain forest climate I had been in before this trip was in Hawaii, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the Pacific Northwest.  Did I see green everywhere?  Yes.  Was there a blue sky?  Yes.  Was there oppressive humidity?  Nope.   In other words, it was delightful.

Green literally dripped from every surface.





What wasn’t dripping green was sprouting it.



I was hard-pressed to find a color other than green or brown. I found a berry here and there and a couple of flowers.  Finding a flower felt like finding a unicorn. (SQUEEEEE!!!)



But I did find fungi.

hohfungiEven though we came across other visitors every now and again, I truly felt like we were lost in our own little world.  It felt peaceful and magical and I am so thankful my family let me wander aimlessly with my camera.


For more photos from the trip, click on the gallery below.


    1. Nikki

      Thank you, Peggy! The sun peeking through the dense branches and trees was very striking in person. I wasn’t sure if my photos would convey that, so I’m glad you noticed!!


  1. Nikki

    Thank you for your kind comments!
    The way you are describing your homeland sounds like another reason for me to visit Scotland! I’ll put “looking for moss-covered forests” on my list after Glasgow (my last name), Edinburgh, Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, and Balvenie. 🙂


  2. greenmackenzie

    What beautiful shots of a stunning looking place. I love the intimacy you bring with your lens. I love treescapes dripping with moss….we get that here in Scotland too, and the atmosphere is always so hushed and timeless, as though everything has been just like this forever 🙂


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