PNW Part 10 (Ruby Beach)

Of all the beaches we visited, this was the most populated.  To me, it held my interest more on land than in the sea.  Of course it was beautiful, as all the beaches along the coast are, but the sea stacks didn’t grab my attention here.  The things along the immediate coastline did.


Of course I got the obligatory shot…as did (two) other photogs…



…but there was just so much more to look at on this beach!!


My kids even had a Kumbaya moment:


(Actually, I think he was handing her something, but a Mom can dream, right?!)

Gnarly, Dude

They found another fort to play in:


We came upon a smoldering campfire:



I found a(nother) heart-shaped rock.  [On a side note, I re-found that rock at the bottom of my camera bag last week.]


All in all, Ruby Beach was well worth going to. I really wish we had stayed longer and walked out farther, but my kids were giving me small heart attacks just by climbing all over the driftwood. I didn’t want to add drowning to the list of possible injuries.  Sigh…

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