PNW Part 7 (Kalaloch Area Beaches)

Kalaloch Lodge was my first choice of places to stay on our trip, but (sadly) had no vacancies the week we were there.

The beach nearest Kalaloch Lodge was wild and beautiful.  It was the only beach we didn’t hike down to.  I can’t imagine it being more stunning than the view looking down from above.




After we left the lodge, we continued north on 101 and the weather got drearier and drearier.  We found this to be the case most of the time on the coast in that area.  The next beach we visited was called Beach 4, sometimes called Kalaloch Beach 4.  Apparently, people come from all over the area to dip for surf smelts.  Surf smelts are fish that are bigger than anchovies but smaller than sardines, and we saw the fisherman competing with otters and birds for who gets to eat smelt for dinner.  (When I found out what the people were doing and what the fish were called, it made me wonder if the inventor of the Smurfs cartoon was from the Pacific Northwest.)  🙂

_NLG0517The sky was not pretty, but the beach was a visual feast!

_NLG0461 _NLG0468

Textures, textures, and more textures!!

_NLG0492 _NLG0494 _NLG0495

Isn’t nature just The Coolest?!

_NLG0546 _NLG0556More beaches on the next post!

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