PNW Part 6 (Lake Quinault)

This part of the Olympic National Park was so…quaint.  Everything about it reminded me of “the olden days”.  It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to think of President Roosevelt (FDR) visiting the Lake Quinault Lodge and being so taken with the area that nine months later he signed a bill creating the Olympic National Park.  The exterior and interior of the lodge look the same today as they did when it was build 100 years ago.  Quaint, I say! 🙂

(google it if you want to – I didn’t get any pictures of the lodge itself due to a mixture of family drama and the fact that we visited it in the morning on the only rainy day we had all week)

The lodge was full, so we stayed a little farther down the road.  The lake itself was also “quaint”, and the afternoon we arrived, the weather was perfect.


The kids played near a little stream, which was just the thing they needed after being in the car for several hours.




The next morning, before we left the area, we saw the world’s largest spruce tree.

There's my little family down at the bottom
My peeps at the bottom of the tree

Please excuse the horrible focusing in that picture ^^  I must have been overcome with awe at seeing **THE WORLD’S LARGEST SPRUCE TREE **


I was intrigued by all the (hundreds of years of) limbs that had either fallen or had been cut off.  It didn’t make for a very pretty tree, but it was interesting to look at.


Of the three nights we spent on the Olympic Peninsula, we only spent one night here.  There wasn’t a whole lot to do here other than relax; we walked everywhere we needed to go – beach, dinner, spruce tree.  It was a great way to wind down from the busy-ness of the previous 4 days in the city.

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    1. Nikki

      Thank you, Jack! Most of the time when I edit my photos, I go for a “feel” and create a preset (in LR) for the images in that set. This trip to the Pacific Northwest was different – the air, the colors, everything, was just so pure that it felt wrong to mess with “nature”. 🙂


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