PNW Part 5 (Whidbey Island)

We spent Saturday on Whidbey Island visiting friends.  I had been on a ferry before, but this was the first time for me to ferry a car to an island.  I geeked out a little.


Before we went to our friends’ house, we went north to a little fishing town called Coupeville.  If you think of Whidbey Island as a C-shape, it’s kind of in the middle as you head north from where the ferry drops you off in Clinton.  It was a small, not overly-charming town with a fantastic view.  (That probably isn’t the town motto).



We had lunch at the little place atop the pier in the picture on the top right.  I had a beer with such a great name I had to take a photo of it (of course!)


After lunch, we headed to Useless Bay, where our friends live.  Funny names those bays have – in order to get to Useless, we had to pass Mutiny, which is right across the Puget Sound from Skunk.  We arrived in late afternoon and got to enjoy the view from this porch for the rest of the day:


We went out before the tide came in…


People just leave their boats tethered at a spot so that they will be in the water when the tide comes in.

We found a baby flounder in one of the tidal pools (more like a tidal river because it flowed the whole time)


I enjoyed watching the tide come in.


After the the yellows and the oranges of the sun’s setting came the pinks and purples.  They were my favorite.


I was able to catch the sun’s last rays as it sunk below the horizon

This is SOOC (except for cropping) #truecolors

So yeah, if you haven’t been, I highly recommend visiting the Puget Sound in July.  It was such a wonderful respite from the unbearable Texas heat.

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  1. jtyrus

    Beautiful shots. The range of “blues” in that top photo is just amazing. And surprisingly calming 😉 You need to pack your bags and head up even further north… to Alaska. Would love to see what you and your camera would capture in my home state. I’ll be your sherpa…


    1. Nikki

      Thank you!
      Oh man – a cruise to Alaska is a dream vacation!!! It’s the only cruise I Am interested in. Get a pack of dogs together with a sled and give me a call 😉


    1. Nikki

      Thank you, Chris! I’ve been thinking of you lately…I was in the West Village area last weekend near the cemetery where we shot together for the last time. Makes me miss you! I hope you are well! 🙂


    1. Nikki

      You lucky girl!!! I miss the beauty. And the weather. And the variety of things to do. And… I could go on but I’m sure you know how blessed you are to live there 🙂


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