PNW Part 2 (Out and About in Seattle)

If you know me, you would know that my first destination the morning after we arrived was to the Mother Ship.  When asked to “find my Happy Place”, this is it.  And this is where Excellent Customer Service began.  Sigh.  They grow up so fast…

brings a tear to the eye, eh?
brings a tear to the eye, eh?

After that, we just walked – my favorite way to see any city! (If you don’t know that about me, see my post about “flaneur“)

*no post-processing necessary
I love urban art installations!
some people tried their own art installation...
some people tried their own art installation…

_NLG0058I fell in love with this little alley:

_NLG0046Things I saw while wandering down it:



That punk of a pigeon was giving me the stink-eye!



Then we saw something that some people may think is gross, but there’s no denying it’s a Seattle landmark, another public “art installation”:

the piece on the business card looks like a dragon’s head, non?

Then it was off to the ferris wheel.  On the way there, I was struck by how stuff grows on everything up there!! Fertile, much?!

This is walking under a major highway!! (99)

I know that you can google any picture of the ferris wheel and see it, but I just have to include mine here because I caught some of that beloved sun flare 🙂


My next post will be dedicated to Pike’s Market.  I went a little crazy with the cheeze-whiz there!!

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