PNW Part 1(Seattle)

Of course we went to dinner at the Space Needle an hour after we landed.  No rest for the weary (or the jet-lagged)!  I know you’ve seen many mucho pictures of it before, but I am including mine here because CAN YOU BELIEVE THERE WAS NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY?!  We had beautiful weather the whole time we were there.  “Miraculous!”, I’ve heard the locals say.



Of course the view was spectacular. I feel so blessed to have seen this beautiful city on a cloudless day.

*picture taken from our table
*so was this one

We didn’t go to the Chihuly museum (although I HIGHLY recommend it) because he had an installation last fall at the Dallas Arboretum that I visited. (You can see that post here)  It was AMAZING – his work is truly unique!  We did peek through the bushes, though 🙂


I can’t think of another time that I have seen the sun shine as beautifully as it did that day.  Maybe it was the subjects themselves that were being illuminated that left such an impression on me.  Whatever the case, Seattle holds a piece of my heart forevermore.

_NLG9983One more gratuitous picture of downtown, taken from the observation deck, with no glass window obscuring the view:


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