Travel Theme: Light

To love beauty is to see light.

~ Victor Hugo

When I saw that Ailsa’s travel theme this week was “Light”, I immediately knew what pictures I would look for in my archives.  The pictures that I thought of are not technically correct, but they mean something to me.

Photographers are taught to beware of sun flare because it will ruins images, I love shooting into the light precisely because of sun flare.  Maybe it’s because I don’t consider myself a “Photographer” – I’m just a girl who’s BFFs with her Nikon. 🙂 ————–> (see side bar) —————–>

My most favorite-ist thing about sun flare is that it is one of the only remaining non-predictable things in this age of digital photography.  Let’s be honest, not too many surprises end up on the computer screen at home because of our ability to check the LCD screens after each shot and delete the pictures that aren’t “good”.  Capturing sun flares is my little rebellion against perfection, my rage against the digital machine, if you will. 🙂

A rainbow bow-tie!

_NLG6473 _NLG7010 _NLG7214 _NLG7245


    1. Nikki

      Wow! Thank you. I just read your blog post about this award and I’m gonna go ahead and say, “Fun!!”
      Thank you for the wonderful compliment about my photos. I’m touched that you liked them enough to tell other people about them. :))


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