Another Cemetery Post

If you know anything about me, you know I love to shoot in cemeteries.  I tried to pinpoint exactly why I enjoy it so much and I couldn’t;  I like so many things I can’t pick just one.  Sometimes it’s the sense of history I feel when I am surrounded by those who have gone before me, but this day it was the sense of peace I felt about being in nature (which in Dallas, is hard to find!!).  I enjoyed the shade, the trees, and the flowers.  I always enjoy seeing decay – I find beauty in the story it tells.  SIgh… On with the pictures…


It looked to me like the tree was dancing
It looked to me like the tree was dancing



Nooooo! Not McSteamy!!!
Nooooo! Not McSteamy!!!


To see more of my pictures from that day, and to ponder with me why so many tombstones there are shaped liked tree trunks, please visit my Zenfolio gallery.

(pictures taken in Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, TX)


    1. Nikki

      Thank you, Seonaid! The pictures of decay I took that day are in the album on Zenfolio (link in post) if you have the time to look at those. I am so happy to find a kindred photog spirit! 🙂


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