Open Your (Mind's) Eye


You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories.

~ Stanislaw Lec

Today was a bust.  A friend and I grabbed our cameras and headed out to explore a new park while we still have this unusually mild, fall-like weather happening.  Without going into all the disappointing details of how today was a bust (because it will make me mad and I’m trying like crazy to not be negative right now), I will say simply that neither of us took one single photo today.

Instead of wallowing, I decided to look through old photos and pick one that made me smile.  This winter’s day in Versailles brought back some great memories of good weather, fun friends, and tasty coffee.  I remember that we got to the bistro too late for lunch, and were initially refused entrance to meet our friends while they finished their meal.  Hervé sweet-talked (read: swore we wouldn’t be ordering food to) the grumpy waitress into letting us in, and we even were allowed coffee and dessert.

Sometimes I take pictures of moments I don’t want to ever forget, but more often than not, a picture can bring back a flood of memories, whether or not that was my intention at the time I snapped it.  Like the photo above.

On days like today, ones that I’d rather close my eyes to, I’m glad I can look back at memories and see them in all their glory.

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