An Itch I Just Have to Scratch


Well… I started a[nother] blog with the intention of having a place for my photos. I’ve blogged for a while now, sharing my thoughts on one, writing fiction on another. In starting [yet another] blog, I thought centering on only one of my [too many] hobbies would help me to not be so scattered, and maybe I’d even post more often.

I have come to realize something, though. I am not a “focus-on-only-one-thing” kind of person. I feel somewhat restrained by thinking a blog can only be about one thing, much the same way when a certain food is off-limits in a diet, that food is ALL I CRAVE.

All this to say, I will also be writing on this blog. Apparently, it’s a craving I can no longer deny myself. 🙂

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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