Hawaii, June/July 2012 Day 8, Part 2

We left the beach and drove north.  The elevation increased dramatically and soon we were amongst the clouds.  (If you know anything about me, I am a SUCKAH for cloud pics.)

Then, we found ourselves chasing a rainbow.

As you can see, these pictures were shot from a moving vehicle, so the quality isn’t outstanding.  But it’s a RAINbow!! We drove THROUGH a RAINBOW!!

AND we even got to see where it ended.  Look closely for the pot of gold… 🙂

This is the view from the other side, after we had driven UNDERNEATH A RAINBOW!!!:

By the time we finished “up there”, it was time to head to the airport.  On the way down, we got treated to a most amazing sunset (although, really? I’m beginning to think that every sunset in Hawaii is spectacular).  This one looked at first like something was literally on fire.  Nope.  It’s just the sun and clouds doing their thang.

Then, we topped the ridge and started heading down toward the ocean.

At this point, I was close to tears, not only from the sheer beauty I was witnessing, but also the fact that I couldn’t be still enough to get a good shot.  Although, I don’t even think the best picture I could have taken would have truly represented the splendor that I saw.

Looking back toward the way we had come, the clouds were still putting on their show:

This is the last shot I took:

Goodbye, My Love.  Until we meet again.

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