Hawaii, June/July 2012, Day 7

We took a lazy day and mainly just hung out at or near the hotel.  We swam, we walked over to the market at Waikoloa Village, and just generally loafed by the pool.  I took the opportunity to explore the hotel grounds.

The hotel’s fish pond
Our hotel as seen from Anaeho’omalu Bay

I had heard that there were sea turtles living on the hotel beach, and I walked the length of the rock pier to see if I could see them swimming.

No dice.

I decided to walk along the beach away from the hotel.  The rocks on the beach were incredibly sharp, and I had to carefully watch each step I took.

As I’m walking with my eyes to the ground (literally), I happened upon this:

I stopped in my tracks, afraid I would scare them.  But they were asleep, and I was able to get very close to them.

The colors in Hawaii are amazing.  I know that the sun has everything to do with how vibrant a color is, especially in nature.  I shoot in Manual, and I do my best to capture the color and the light as my eye sees them.

(I also like to play with tiny focus points)

Then of course, I had to play with sun flare.  It’s one of my favorite things to do because shooting in digital leaves very little room for anything unexpected showing up on your photograph.  But sun flare!  You never know where the little prism of light is going to show up on your picture.


Here’s one of my favorite “candid” shots of the trip.  What is Hawaii, if not for lovers?

The kids finally joined me and I was able to get “The Christmas Card” pic.  I avoid using a flash when there is natural light available, but it was necessary for this pic.  I turned the strength down on it so as not to make them pasty white.

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