Colorado 2011 – Day 7: The Four Corners

Having heard my whole life about the magical spot in the US where you can stand in FOUR states at one time, I thought since we were so close, we should make a point to go.

However, when we asked the owner of our rental about it, he curled his nose up and told us not to bother.  Quelle surprise!  He hadn’t steered us wrong on his other recommendations, and I found his opinion on this matter oddly intriguing. But really, we had enough to keep us busy that we had no plans to make the journey to The Four Corners, especially given the not-so-glowing recommendation.

We planned on spending our last day in Telluride.  We had been the summer before, and I was aching to go back, especially since this trip to the “mountains” that I am so fond of included more time in “desert-like conditions” than I had anticipated.  After all, our main goal for a summer vacation is escaping the brutal heat at home.  {Side note:  It’s supposed to be the hottest week of the summer this week here at home, where I’m writing this.  108° every day.  UGH.}

We started on our way, but traffic was stopped on the road up the mountain because of an accident.  After waiting about 5 minutes and seeing people making u-turns and heading back the direction from which they came, AND remembering being stuck in our car for 7 hours two days earlier, we decided to turn around and execute Plan B, which was the dreaded Four Corners.  I mean, how bad could it be?

As soon as we left our little mountain hamlet, we saw Colorado’s ugly side.

Gone were trees of any kind.  Gone were creeks.  And gone was cool weather.  To top it all off, we got stuck in traffic because they were doing roadwork on the highway and only one lane was open in some stretches.  All we could do was sit there and suffer through because there was no room to make a u-turn, no place to pull off, nothing.  Very desolate land indeed.

As we drew nearer to the monument, I was hoping the terrain would change.  It didn’t.  And then I thought, well, surely since this whole “being in four states at once” thing is such a draw for tourists, it will be ok once we get there.  Wrong again.

What greeted us as we pulled in to the “parking lot”, which was actually an unpaved dirt/gravel lot with no marked parking “spots” was this:

Then, swinging the camera back toward the exit, this:

I bet the 100+° weather ripened those poop boxes up quite nicely

It was possibly the least inviting tourist “attraction” I have ever laid eyes on.

We basically went in, got the picture to prove we were there, then headed back to our little cabin in the mountains.

We should have listened to our “tour guide”.  But oh well.  One more for the storybooks…

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