Colorado 2011 – Day 6: There’s No Place Like "Home"

After the “adventure” we had the night before, we decided to just stay around the cabin today.

But what a beautiful cabin it was!

The view from the porch during the day

The view from our porch at sunset

As you can tell, we spent a lot of time on the porch, in the exact same place, all day long.

Some of this:

We did have wi-fi 😉

A little of this:

Tons of this:

Collecting things, building things, smashing things,  general jacking-around
Brown-Eyed Boy got a hand-carved slingshot
Check out the “smoke trail” on that bad boy!!

We were given a box of treats by the previous guests who told us that Annie stops by for a visit at breakfast and cocktail hour.

Annie looked like a German Shepherd on a Corgi’s body – so cute!!!
Brown-Eyed Girl spent some time sitting around looking gorgeous.  ::Sigh::

Sunsets at this place were to-die-for…
Now *this* is what I call Vacation!!


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