Friends With Skin

I’ve been using this phrase a lot lately, and thinking about it even more, so I have decided to do an entire post on what it means to me.

I will be the first to admit that I lurve me some technology.  I have a MacBook Pro, and iPad, and an iPhone.   I have a digital camera and I love tinkering with the images on Photoshop.  I think that Twitter is fun and Facebook is passé.  Oh yeah, and I also dabble heavily in the blogosphere.  😉

Because I love to travel, I have made friends who don’t live anywhere near where I do, so in order to maintain my friendships with them, I rely heavily on e-mail, texting, Yahoo IM, and Google Chat.

I am sooooo thankful for the ability to keep in touch with people that I may only get to breathe the same air with once a year.  I have also grown quite fond of a few people whose blogs I follow – most of whom I will never, ever meet in real life.  I am drawn to their seeming transparency – they are so willing to talk about anything and everything, and I find this very refreshing.

Having said that, I will admit to a stirring in my soul, a desperate need at times, to physically be in the presence of my friends.  I want to hug them.  I want to share a belly laugh with them instead of just a “LOL”.  I want to see the tears if they are flowing, because there is nothing more sad to me than crying alone.  I want to share coffee or a meal with them, commenting on the tastes and smells we are enjoying.

I guess this need of mine is less about *having* friends (because God has blessed me with plenty) and more about *experiencing life with* friends.  

When I ask about your vacation, I am not interested in simply flipping through the pictures on Facebook and hitting the “Like” button.  I want to look at the pictures with you, listening to the commentary you give as you tell me what you were thinking and feeling when the picture was snapped.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words standing freely on its own, but there is so much more detail that I want to know from the point of view of you, my Friend.  The pictures themselves are something I could locate on Google Images anytime I want to, but you, my Friend, are why I am interested in the pictures in the first place.

I feel very “old-fashioned” that way because I feel like it is of greater importance to me than to most people around me.  I know life is busy and yada-yada-yada, but – let’s face it – we ALL make time for the things we consider important.  I know that life must be lived according to priorities, and I happen to consider my friendships to be very important and worthy of time spent maintaining them.  While I do love technology, I want my friendships to consist of more than letters and emoticons on a computer screen.

I am not pining for “simpler times” – I swear!  (I would *not* have been a happy camper before the advent of air conditioning and espresso machines!!!)  I guess I am just wishing that some things never go out of style.  Simple things like friendships and cooking at home and manners and morals and people staying married until death parts them and parents loving their children and vice-versa.

But I digress…


  1. Debbie

    Enjoyed reading your post. I am thinking that this is the way God made us, Nikki. You are not alone in the way you are thinking. We all need each other. To reach out and encourage each other. I plan on coming by on Tuesday. I'll call you first.


  2. JT

    I was just talking about this to someone few days ago – how although I have the means to travel if I want, there's something special about experiencing it *with* friends/loved ones. The ability to create and share memories together is such a treasure… For me it's like a drink of water in the desert and I'll drive, fly, crawl hundreds or thousands of miles to experience it. 🙂

    I think often how wonderful it would be to just call you up on the weekend and ask if you want to do brunch… babysit your rugrats for you on the spur of the moment so you and the ol' man can have a date-night. I'm jealous of the friends you have locally that get to see you every day but I also cherish deeply the precious times we get to spend together every few months in person.

    I for sure don't want to go to Dallas every quarter for *work* 😉


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