Still Mulling it Over

I’ve taken a couple of days to process Bin Laden’s death, and while I am still not finished, I feel the need to write.

The second feeling I had (after disbelief) was relief.  After that, I felt sadness and disgust toward the people who were celebrating in the streets.

Everywhere I looked, I saw images of people in party mode with huge smiles on their faces.  And it made me sad.  The level of frenzy reminded me of the pictures I saw of the nutjobs in the Middle East who celebrated the fall of the World Trade Centers back in 2001 by dancing in the streets and cheering at death.  That comparison made me even more sad.

The feeling I had at hearing the news was akin to what I imagine someone attending the execution of the person who murdered their loved one would feel.  I doubt it would involve smiling or high-fives.

My friend Sara, who was a flight attendant on the plane that crashed into the North Tower, is still gone from this world.  That evil man’s death didn’t bring her back to life.  Her parents and sister still miss her every day.  Even though I’m sure they feel that some sort of justice has been served, I’m sure they also feel that another death is not a cause for jubilation.

My husband was a few blocks away from the World Trade Centers when all this was happening and watched as the second plane hit the South Tower.  He will carry memories of that day with him for the rest of his life, regardless of whether or not the man responsible for his nightmares is now dead.  He was not “happy” when he found out.

Really, what is there to be happy about?  The “War on Terror” is not over.  OBL’s sycophants still call us Infidels. The death of those radicals’ figurehead will serve to feed the hatred they have for us and everything we stand for.

Am I glad he’s dead?  Absolutely.  I think it proved a point to our enemies that we will never forget that they hate us and wish for our destruction.

But am I embarrassed by seeing my fellow citizens plastered ALL OVER the media behaving as if they were at a college frat party for ALL THE WORLD to see?  Absolutely.  I can’t believe that of all the reactions to the death of the person who hated America so much, our most outspoken one was revelry.  What are they celebrating?  It sure didn’t feel like triumph over an enemy.  It felt to me like the smiles and laughter were aimed at death, just like our enemies smiled and laughed at death in 2001.

There are some things that just should not be celebrated.  It makes us no better than those we fight against.

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