Life…. Whaddaya Gonna Do?

So, today is (yet) another day that hasn’t gone the way I had it planned out on my calendar to.  Sensing that this is a common theme in my life (read last month’s post if you don’t believe me),  I am just going to embrace it.

I sit here in Starbucks, which is not my first choice, but it’s close to my house and has free wi-fi and running water (I’ll get to that part later).  I have never been to Starbucks except for the times I have met a friend, so this is my first solo visit.  If you know anything about me, you know that I have absolutely zero problem with going places by myself.  The main reason I don’t like being here now isn’t because I’m lonely, but because I would rather be home.

But I can’t go home.  Because right now, home has no running water.

You see, as I hopped out of bed last night to empty my bladder before settling in for the night (I’m kind of an old man that way), my foot stepped onto the carpet and was met with a soggy splash of water.  My first thought was that Those Darn Kids! had spilled a forbidden cup of water on my floor.  But when I continued into the bathroom to get a towel, I discovered the entire floor of my bedroom was a giant soggy mess.

Even though Brown-Eyed Husband is 1200 miles away at the moment, I didn’t freak out.  Why?  Because our handyman had just left our house after servicing the air conditioner for the season, so I called him and he turned around and came back.

Long story short, he turned the water off at the main and called a friend whose business specializes in carpet restoration after water damage, and 2 hours later, the pad under our carpet is gone, the concrete is dried and treated for mildew, and the carpet is left to dry for 2 days before being re-laid.  Who makes house calls at midnight???  Friends of God, I say.

The plumber is coming today to fix the leak.  My house is a wreck, since the contents of our bedroom are scattered to at least 3 other rooms of the house, and wet towels lay in piles in the kitchen and laundry room, unable to be washed.  We have no water, so I had to leave the house to wash my hands and use the bathroom today.  Hence, my presence at Starbucks.

Cut to the present:  I can see the hand of God in the crazy events of last night, and I find myself at peace.

Exhibit A:  Our handyman called unexpectedly to tell me he was coming by to service the AC since he was in the area.  I actually never called him back because the kids and I were already settled in for the night, and I wasn’t sure if he needed to come in the house or not, and I was already in my jammers and I just didn’t feel like dealing with anything else when the day was finally over yesterday.  But God.  (I love that!) But God in His infinite wisdome made sure that he came anyway.  (Turns out, all his work was on the compressors outside)

Exhibit B:  Since hubs is out of town, I called a neighbor to come down to help move furniture.  I was ready to apologize for waking him up at 10:30pm, but when he answered, he was out with the guys (the same place my husband would have no doubt have been if he were in town).  So I asked him to come help, and he came without hesitation.  He is the kind of guy that would give a stranger the shirt off his back.  God has blessed us with wonderful neighbors!

Exhibit C:  This leak apparently had been going on for awhile now because of the amount of water, so it’s good that this emergency happened now so that the plumber can get in behind the walls and make sure it’s not all moldy and gross in there.  The thought of cleaning out the unseen gives me a perverse thrill.  Thinking there is dirt in my house that I can’t reach ooks me out, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to clean.  (I’m a weirdo, I know)

Anyhoo, I need to go home and meet him.

After I use the facilities in my friendly neighborhood Starbucks, of course.

Wish me luck that I won’t have to bring my kids and our toiletries up here for baths and teeth-brushing tonight.

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