It’s a Wonderful Life

Today’s my birthday.  I love my birthday.  Wherever I go, I make sure everyone around me knows that it’s my birthday.  I slip it in to conversations when I’m out.  I milk it for all it’s worth at home.  I am completely shameless this day each year.  (Forgive me, friends and family – I know it’s annoying)

Rather than just being excited to be celebrating another year of My Wonderful Life, this year I really feel like celebrating what God is doing in my life that is truly making it wonderful.

This year is different in a mysterious way that I can’t quite put my finger on as of yet.  All I know is that when I was praying this morning, I was actually excited about this upcoming year.  I found myself looking forward to seeing what God has planned for me and how He will work in my life this year.

I’ve never been one to relish the idea of getting older, neither am I one to pine over my youth.  I yam what I yam.

Today, instead of just celebrating the day I was born in my usual [read: obnoxious] way, I am truly eager with anticipation for this upcoming year.  This is a surreal feeling for me.

I am grateful to everyone who takes the time to read my blog.  This blog is one of the things I’m most excited about because I feel God moving specifically in it.  I hope to share more later about that subject, which I alluded to in an earlier post.

For now, I need to sign off and get started with My Day.  Walk the other way if you see me coming unless you have a gift in hand or a “Happy Birthday” coming out of your mouth.

I told you I was bad. 😉

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