Thoughts From Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time

I haven’t blogged with purpose in a few days, and this post won’t break that cycle.  I am filled with lots of things to say but with no particular clarity or order in mind.  Here goes:

I redesigned my blog.  Again.  I loved the other “look” but it was very impersonal.  Plus, I like to dink with graphics and whatnot, so I needed something more flexible.

The font I chose looks EXACTLY LIKE my own handwriting.  Creepy!  But fun…

Snow days usually rock.  Today, however, it is much too cold to go outside.  I can’t remember the last time I was outside in the teens.  Brrrrr…

One of the reasons snow days rock is because I usually have no excuse to get out of my jammers.  Today, however, a necessary evil is forced upon me.  I have to go to the orthodontist.  Normally, I would totally let something like a little freezing weather deter me from leaving my warm, cozy house (and therefore my pajamas).  But as I am trying to leave town in a couple of days, nice, new CLEAR o’s are in order.

For those of you lucky enough to not know what o’s are, let me briefly explain.  O’s are the bands that go around the brackets on each of your teeth.  I have clear braces, and I like to have clear o’s. They always start out clear, but since I consume the TWO BIG NO-NO’S of Bracedom (coffee and red wine), by the end of the month they are a disgusting light-brownish color.  Hence the reason I never smile in pictures anymore.

I foretold of randomness and I think I delivered.

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