Christmas Doings

I’ve been busy! Several of you have asked how my Christmas projects are going. Here’s the low-down on 2 of them:

My Christmas card holder started like this:

I got the idea from a picture I saw in a magazine – Country Living, I think? I sewed the buttons through the 3 layers of ribbon for a place to attach each card, using these cute little paper clips I bought at my favorite scrapbooking store, Recollections (RIP).

Several Christmas cards later, it looks like this:

It’s overloaded by the volume of cards we received this year. The number of friends we have must have grown this year. Blessed, we are! I will have to make some adjustments if I use this again next year. The moral to this story is: If you want a spot up front, send a card with a picture. 🙂
Another project that my little Brown-Eyed Elf and I worked on together was making Pepperminty Hot Cocoa Mix to give to teachers, neighbors, hostess gifts, etc. It’s my favorite hot cocoa mix and I was happy to share!
My thinking on hauling out the giant Cuisinart is this: Go hard or go home. Seriously, why make 5 or 6 when you can make, say, TWENTY-FOUR PINTS of something?!? The kitchen was a wreck and so was I by the time it was finished. But thanks to Brown-Eyed Husband, who went to the store twice in one night for me, I was able to finish the same day I started. Anyone who knows me knows that is a Christmas miracle in and of itself.
Here is the finished product, on the way to be delivered on the last day of school before the break:
Lots of fun and a great bonding time with my daughter. I think I’ll rest up and do it again next year…

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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