An Apology of Sorts…

I recently returned from my second trip to Paris, and again, I am left speechless.  Friends have been persistently prodding me for pictures and thoughts, and although I am happy to oblige, I am having a hard time with putting my trip in a “bite-sized portion”.

It’s not that I don’t want to do it, and it’s not that I don’t have time to do it, it’s more like I am overwhelmed by the thought of scaling down this magical personal adventure into something that won’t either: A) Be too lengthy, B) Bore the voyeur to death, or C) Not do the experience justice.

My perfectionist tendencies “encourage” (read: hinder) me from even starting a task unless I know I can complete it in a satisfactory (read: exactly the way I envision) way.

So, while recapping my trip is a process that will take more than a small amount of time, I think I am ready to start with a teaser.  This is for you, JT:

Each trip to Paris, I manage to stumble upon something seemingly meant just for me.  This trip it was this sticker, stuck to the railing where I was sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  This garden is the largest public park in Paris and there are easily multiple thousands of chairs set all around the 56-acre park.  Of all the chairs I could have chosen, I sat in this one.  Near this rail.  With this sticker on it.

That sticker perfectly describes my mental state at that exact moment of time.  More to come…

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