What Day is Today?

Tuesday.  Supposed to be Taste Addiction.  I can’t remember the last time I ate or drank anything worth mentioning.  I’ve been so busy lately that food has been an afterthought.

OOH!  I just remembered, I *did* eat something remarkable this week.  It’s remarkable not only because it’s go-ood, but it’s about a 50-mile round trip from my home, so I don’t go as often as I’d like.

My favorite food second to sushi is……dim sum (yum yum)!  As far as I knew 5 minutes ago, Maxim’s was the only place in Dallas for dim sum.  However; upon a bit of googling, I found that another place a couple of blocks away opened up recently (Kirin Court).  Gonna hafta check that out…

My favorites are still Joy Luck in Cupertino, CA and Sino in Santana Row in San Jose.  Joy Luck because it was my first experience with dim sum, and Sino because that was where I first tasted that Nectar of the Gods known as “Lychee Martini”.

Hubby is in San Francisco this week, eating my favorite food, seeing our friends, semi-complaining about how cold it is there (I LIVE for hats-and-scarves weather!!).  Meanwhile, I’m at home still sweating through undergarments several times a day, eating whatever the kids leave on their plates, and doing laundry like I’m getting paid. Blech.  Blech, I say!

It’s all good, though.  Cuz this thought keeps me going:  I am going to Paris next week.

And I will be eating good food, seeing good friends, and wearing cute scarves!


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