Stick a Lime in it and Call it Dinner

All of a sudden (well, last Thursday to be exact), I like gin.  This has come as a complete surprise to me, as I’ve always thought it smelled and tasted like Pine-Sol.

When a friend came to visit last week and was appalled at the state of our liquor cabinet, he took it upon himself to whisk my hubby away to Goody Goody (which, by the way, is The Perfect Name for our neighborhood package store).  Thirty minutes and several hundred dollars later, all was right in the world, or at least in our kitchen.

So when I asked for – and received – my usual Dirty Martini (the dirtier the better), I was satisfied… Until I smelled that wonderful, limey, effervescent concoction known as Gin & Tonic.

Tank, tonic, Rose’s lime juice, fresh lime wedge, ice.  Unbelievably refreshing and my new go-to summer drink of choice.


One Comment

  1. JT

    Goody Goody…mmmm 🙂 My favorite gin cocktail is a gimlet, but it's not a regular drink I partake in. Now, if they sold gin at the company store, perhaps! Stupid liquor license laws! When they were developing New Amsterdam, I took part in some of the taste tests. According to my “inside sources”, they crafted the gin to appeal to women in particular, by giving it a slight citrusy/fruity flavor.


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