Boots, Boots, Boots. I Love Boots.

My Annual Boot Hunt has begun.   Prompted by an upcoming trip to Paris, I get to wear boots early this year!  [Boots, boots, boots.  I love boots.]  But when I have to pack light, I need to choose accordingly.  I need to find a pair that are comfortable enough for sightseeing (I mean, really?  Is there any better way to enjoy Paris than to walk it?), but also stylish enough so that I don’t feel like a complete… American (for lack of a better word).

Here is an example of the style I usually gravitate toward:

Boutique 9 “Cathy” Boot at Nordy’s

Definitely comfortable-looking.   Not too dowdy, not too cowboy-ish.  But it just doesn’t give off any kind of Umph Factor whatsoever. This year, I am really digging the “bootie” style of boots, especially these:

Vince Camuto “Flore” Bootie at Nordy’s

I don’t know about the peep-toe, though.  One of the reasons boots are my favorite go-to shoe as soon as temps break 80 degrees is that they cover up a jacked-up pedicure.  Another reason is I like to wear them with dresses and tights, and seams on tights sticking out of a peep-toe is just… not acceptable.

So, I think I’m going to end up looking for something like this:

Nine West “Theophila” at Nordy’s

I love the fact that these are gray.  Gray is my favorite neutral when it comes to shoes.  I would just have to see if a 3-1/2″ heel is too high for walking in 8+ hours a day.  They could however, be my Second Pair of boots I pack for the trip, to wear out at night.

I would like to find *something* new to wear around Paris in a couple of weeks!  The boots I bought at Etam last year (and wore pretty much every day until summer hit) are just about shot.  They are so comfortable, though, and I get a ton of compliments on them every time I wear them.  Hmmm… I might just have to pack them as my Plan B…

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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