Excitement in Change

We have been trying to expat for awhile now, and today we got our first ray of real, founded, hope. In the past, the attitude towards us has been, “Oh, yeah. I’ll support that. Let’s talk next quarter after budget, blah blah blah.” The call that came today, however, was one of, “I need to know in two weeks if you are serious.” OF COURSE WE ARE SERIOUS!!!

First, though, Hubby has to do some maneuvering. He has to go talk to the people that have thus far, only blown smoke up his a** instead of giving him a definitive answer; do some assuaging of the higher-ups, so they know he hasn’t purposely gone above them in the almighty Chain of Command; you know, political BS. To think that a bruised ego could destroy his chances of moving ahead in his career…not to mention crushing both of our dreams… Well, that just pisses me off.

Determination and positive thinking is up next on my agenda. And prayer. Lots of prayer.

One Comment

  1. JT

    I can't think of anyone who deserves or would appreciate something like this more than you. I'm crossing my fingers *and* praying for you, and even setting aside my own selfish perspective 🙂

    I see this.


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