Oxymoron or dichotomy?

I am not an angry or cynical person, ask anyone who knows me. But so far, the tone of this blog has been more negative than I had intended it to be. I am pondering why that is…

I love my life! I love my family, my friends, and my home. I think the disconnect is coming from my notion that there is SO much more to life than what most Suburbanites I have encountered seem to place value in. (More on that later, maybe…trying not to neg out too much)

I have lived in Suburbia for the past 10 years, yet I have met only 2 people whose company I have enjoyed for more than the length of our childrens’ school year. We don’t have a lot of shared interests, but they do have respect for me, and I consider them my friends. They like me because I’m me, not because I am someone to imitate. However, I have TONS of non-local friends!! (Why is that? Is it a subconscious thing because I LOVE to travel and will jump at any chance to do it?) I like to think it is because I notice (and collect?) interesting people to surround myself with.

I’ve recently gotten two of the Best Compliments Ever. The first one was from Valerie, my expat friend who has to move back home to Paris next month. (Boo hoo!! But… she is another person to visit in the future!) She commented that everyone and everything look the same here – very generic, but what drew her to me is that I am nothing like “most people around here”. The other Best Compliment Ever was given me by my CA friend, Jody, when she told me I am unlike any Christian she has ever met because I am authentic, transparent, and non-judgmental. After I thought about how sad-but-true a statement that is, I thanked her.

These compliments gave me a lot of food for thought. And this thinking has led me to blog…
After all, all I’m trying to do here is be me. What kind of outlet would blogging be if not for authenticity?

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